Frequently Asked Questions
When do I need to see a physical therapist?

You should consult with a physical therapist following any accident or injury that involves swelling, loss of motion, pain or altered gait that is not improving daily. You should also consult with a PT for any pain, or altered function which lasts longer then 2 weeks, is worsening, or is failing to improve. Please immediately go to an emergency room if you experience any life-threatening injury or injury in which you think you may have broken a bone.

Why choose Physical Therapy over other treatment options?
    Physical Therapists are the professionals in restoring movement and function in peoples’ lives. We 
    are highly educated in the structure and function of your joints, muscles, and nerves so that we can 
    restore them to optimal function either to prevent or treat injury.

     Physical Therapists differ from massage therapists who can only assess and treat the soft tissue 
    (muscle and connecting tissues) in your body. They also differ from chiropractors who traditionally 
    only treat joint subluxations and believe that these are the root of illness. Physical Therapy 
    treatment can assess and address muscular, joint and nerve injury and is highly supported by 

 What can I expect from my initial evaluation?
Your initial evaluation will last 1 hour and will consist of a thorough review of the history of your 
    injury, your symptoms and your medical history. Based on this discussion I will then examine any 
    necessary areas for weakness, tightness, loss of mobility, or neural tension. I will also assess gait 
    and functional movements as appropriate. Following this portion of the evaluation I will review my 
    findings with you and discuss your treatment plan based on these findings, your goals, and your 
    schedule. During your evaluation and throughout your treatment you can also expect to be 
    thoroughly educated  about your injury. Treatment is usually initiated at your first visit and will 
    consist of a mixture of manual therapies, strengthening, stretching, gait training, proprioceptive 
    training, neuromuscular training and education as needed based off of the findings of your 

What can I expect from follow-up visits?
Follow-up visits are scheduled for a half hour to an hour depending on your needs. After a review of 
    your current symptoms treatment will be tailored daily to your needs based off of your symptoms 
    and the evaluatiuon. Treatment consists of a mixture of manual therapies, strengthening, stretching, 
    gait training, proprioceptive training, neuromuscular training and education as needed. All sessions 
    are private without overlapping appointments.

What Insurances does Balance Physical Therapy, LLC accept?
Currently we accept Medicare Part B, and most Auto Insurances. All other patients are seen on a 
    fee-for-service basis.

What is Fee-For-Service?
    Fee-for-Service simply means you pay for treatment the day of your appointment. You may then 
    submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. The amount of reimbursement will depend on 
    your individual insurance plan. Please use the insurance worksheet for a list of questions to help 
    you determine your benefits.

    Pyment can be received in the form of cash, check, or credit card and in many cases can come 
    from a healthcare flexible spending account.
Why does Balance Physical Therapy, LLC not accept insurances other than Medicare and auto insurance?
The short answer is quality of care. After working for several years in high volume clinics I noticed 
    that many patients were falling through the cracks due to short and overlapping patient visits, 
    oversight of treatment by unlicensed assistants, and double booking of patients. While most of the 
    therapists in these clinics are excellent, even they will tell you that they don’t have the time 
    necessary to best treat their patients.

    Billing insurance companies is a time consuming and involved process that would require hiring 
    additional staff. In order to cover these costs I would be forced to raise my prices or shorten and 
    overlap patient visits. By accepting only a few insurances and completing billing myself I can 
    maintain individual hour-long patient visits at a reasonable price.

Why should I pay more to come to Balance Physical Therapy, LLC instead of paying my co-pay at another clinic?
    Again, quality of care is the answer. While many offices claim to offer one-on-one treatments, this 
    usually amounts to 10-15 minutes of your therapist’s time per visit, at most. Typically, they, or their 
    assistants, will still be overseeing other patients in the clinic during these few minutes as well. Poor 
    oversight of treatment, or jumping from therapist to therapist can lead to lower quality of care, longer 
    treatment times and poor outcomes.

     At Balance Physical Therapy, LLC you can expect to see me for the duration of each visit. I have 
    the time to constantly reevaluate you, and your treatment, in order to assure that your treatment is 
    always catered to you and helping you achieve your goals. I have seen many patients who have 
    been through a ‘full’ course of treatment at high volume clinics and have left no better then they 
    started. If I don’t see progress, I will reevaluate your condition and determine if I need to consult with 
    or refer you to another medical professional. I will not waste your time and money on inappropriate 

    As always, I recommend you use the Insurance Worksheet to fully understand your individual 
    benefits. In the case of a high deductible, you may be paying for $500 or $1000 or more for 
    treatment before your insurance even starts to cover treatment, and that is at a clinic that takes your 
    insurance. In many cases, you may not even need to spend this much on treatment. Why spend the 
    money at a clinic that isn’t giving you their full attention?

What are the costs associated with treatment?
I offer a 50% discount on services for payment received the day of treatment this amounts to: 
                $155 for an initial evaluation 
                $80 for hour long follow-up visits            
                $40 for half-hour follow-up visits

How do I schedule and appointment and what do I need to bring to my first appointment?
    Please call 302-429-6252 to schedule your appointment
    Please fill out and sign the below forms and bring them to your first appointment
        Consent Form
        Medical History
    If you are a Medicare or auto insurance patient please bring your insurance card or claim number as 




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