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Empowering patients to thrive, one person at a time

Empowering patients to thrive, one person at a timeEmpowering patients to thrive, one person at a time

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Chronic pain is complex to treat and requires careful attention every step of the way. With over 13 years of experience, Meredith is familiar with both the physical and emotional aspects that come with chronic pain. As an orthopedic certified specialist, Meredith will first assure she has the proper diagnosis, and then using the most up to date pain neuroscience put together a program that addresses all aspects of pain. Meredith has had great success helping patients break the pain cycle and transition back to active and fulfilling lives through education, coaching, manual and exercise based treatments.



In order to function optimally, the shoulder joint must maintain a delicate balance between mobility and stability. This requires careful attention to detail on the part of your physical therapist.  Meredith has over 13 years of experience treating shoulder pain (including rotator cuff tears) without the need for surgical intervention. Treatments are specific to each patient, and use the most recent research and treatment approaches to get you back to your activities and sports without additional time off for to surgery.


ACL Injury Management and Post operative rehabilitation

Angela has extensive experience treating patients with ACL injures, including pre-, post- and non-operative management.  ACL injuries are impactful to athletes both physically and mentally, as it often means missed time on the field and away from the sport and team you love.  Although surgical intervention is common in young athletes, non-operative management is an option, even for those wanting to return to sport.  Angela can educate you on your treatment options and guide you in the decision-making process, supported by the most recent evidence.   If ACL reconstruction is the best option, Angela can assure you are prepared for surgery and complete your post-operative rehabilitation, from week 1 to return to sport.  

See Angela’s most recent publication on ACL reconstruction and graft type: JOSPT article


Achilles and Patella Tendinopathy Rehabilitation

Tendinopathy, or tendinitis, is an overuse injury of the tendon that leads to pain, impaired function, and limitations in physical activity. Tendinopathy is common in the Achilles and patella tendons, and often occurs in athletes who participate in sports with repetitive movement or jumping.  Treatment of tendinopathy can include activity modification, taping or bracing, and manual therapy, but the mainstay of treatment is mechanical loading of the tendon via an exercise program, combined with patient education and counseling.  Angela is the Research PT for an NIH funded study on the treatment of midportion Achilles tendinopathy and developed a protocol for the treatment of patellar tendinopathy.  If an overuse tendon injury is limiting your participation in the activities you love, Angela can help you!

See Angela’s publication on modifiable risk factors for patellar tendinopathy in athletes: BJSM article 

Additional Programs


weight loss

Lectures and Education

Lectures and Education

Does pain keep you from exercising to meet your weight loss goals? Meredith has experience in safely and comfortably getting patients started with a healthy exercise routine.


Lectures and Education

Lectures and Education

Lectures and Education

Dr. Perny is experienced in lecturing and teaching classes on the topics of youth sports and wellness, aging gracefully, low back pain management, and golf fitness screens (along with Becky Dengler). To book please email Meredith at


Balance for Kids

Lectures and Education

Balance for Kids

Core weakness and muscle imbalances can leave kids in pain, at risk for injury, or not wanting to participate in gym or sports. Creative and fun programs, specifically designed for your child, will help to keep them engaged in order to promote strength, flexibility, and build confidence both on and off the field.